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CrossWorlds - The Flying City - Download free mystery game

Would you like to download a free mystery game? Monica and her father Professor Stilldumb invent a unique device - the teleporter that enables traveling through parallel worlds. But suddenly the father mysteriously disappears. By chance Monica finds a note of him in which he says that he is being possessed by evil voices and that he needs to escape somewhere in the parallel worlds. Monica cannot wait to follow her father and find him. She gets in the teleporter and disappears in the Space. Download this free mystery game and together with Monica on her way to her father you will investigate 4 different worlds: Real world, Robo-world, River world and Flying city with its own inhabitants and mysteries to solve. Passing through each world will give you a clue that will help you to finally find Monica’s father, but who knows if he will be the same person whom she has known before? Download this free mystery game and find it out!

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CrossWorlds - The Flying City


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